Allen Woo provides insight into developing a winning culture in the workplace

Einstein said that to have different results, we have to do things differently. Learning to reach more people is one of the maxims of any business. Let’s start doing things differently, especially now that the world is connected as it has never been before. There is a great opportunity to start being disruptive in our companies and our approaches. Allen Woo, a speaker specializing in good workgroup organization, details different factors needed to develop a winning culture in the workplace.

Attitude is a determining factor in the way you take on your daily commitments. It is what drives employees to achieve organizational goals. It, of course, also influences the work environment. Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude at work is essential for the work environment to be victorious, influencing the motivation of employees and their productivity.

The work environment is an important area for the majority of people. Like all other areas in our lives, it is important to pay attention to this area. Our physical and emotional well-being depend on it. “We develop a negative and destructive attitude towards ourselves when we are having problems at work,” asserts Woo.

Woo points out that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can at minimum improve their attitude and try to see things in a positive way to have better fun while working. No matter what job you hold, there are always ways to increase your confidence at work and feel better.

It is important that you feel motivated to do your job. You can still do it, even if it’s not your dream job. It doesn’t matter if you love your job, it’s almost always possible for us to find the motivation we need.

You might also find that you do not like your job but disagree with company policies or have poor relationships with colleagues and bosses. We need to remember our individual goals and values and how important this job is to us.

After the pandemic, one of the soft skills most demanded by companies has been the ability to adapt or flexibility. This allows workers to successfully adapt to new work modalities, accept changes and acquire new skills and learning around their work tools. In short, flexibility is key for employees to stay motivated and thus contribute to a more pleasant and stimulating work environment.

“Another recommendation to maintain a positive attitude is to ensure that deadlines are respected and to fully comply with individual responsibilities, especially considering the importance of collaborative work,” suggests Woo. “This is key to streamlining processes, improving performance, achieving the desired results, and, therefore, reducing stress on a general level, which is essential to boost a positive attitude in the work environment.”

Finding new challenges is also a way to maintain a positive attitude at work. It keeps you motivated in finding strategies to achieve your goals, and directs your actions and efforts through perseverance and consistency.

“Positive attitude goes very much hand in hand with physical and mental health,” Woo states. “If there is excess stress, a neglect of ailments and general physical discomfort, it is difficult to stay focused and perform tasks efficiently.” That’s why it’s essential for employees to see a doctor for any symptoms, have rest periods during the workday and have routine checkups, as well as implement wellness programs.

And finally, don’t forget self-motivation. While receiving encouraging comments from leaders or peers is gratifying, they will not always be present, so it is important to find the motivation in ourselves to continue to develop quality work. Small actions that can be incorporated to lift your spirits include watching your negative thoughts, not being afraid to make mistakes, learning something new every day, and setting a pace to achieve your goals.

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