Allen Woo explains why organizational development is important for companies

We are increasingly aware that we live in a highly globalized world that seeks continuous improvement. This factor, from a business point of view, encourages organizations to be more competitive and in constant evolution. In addition, the human factor is considered as a strategic component of the company for the achievement of organizational development. Because of this, Allen Woo, an expert in business and personnel management, identifies some factors that determine the behavior and performance of people in order to be able to make action plans to achieve an adequate organizational climate at work.

Some of the problems that organizations currently face are low productivity or motivation of employees, high staff turnover, communication problems, or even a poorly communicated work culture. Organizational Development (OD) is a set of strategies and planned changes in a company, where the main pillar is the human element.

This must be accompanied by tools, practices, and objectives. These will help to balance the quality of life, the sense of belonging, as well as to align the objectives of the company and the collaborators to increase their productivity. It is about promoting the organization’s performance and growth.

“Organizational development is a practice that pays great attention to personal and professional relationships,” says Woo. “How they develop, in what contexts, and what are the factors that benefit or detract from the organizational structure. To this end, OD is based on a process or phases of development, which consist of the stages of preliminary diagnosis, effective selection, and recruitment, good information management, feedback, adaptation, intervention, evaluation, diagnosis, and follow-up.”

The preliminary diagnosis consists of assessing the situation by means of surveys or interviews to identify the problems. To do this, it is essential to have the right tools so that employees feel comfortable in giving honest feedback. HR managers must develop a clear strategy, ask the right questions in order to draw conclusions and implement improvements.

Organizational development should be comprehensive and should be encouraged among all members of the organization. One of the ways to foster a close relationship with employees is to offer them sincere, close, and constant feedback.

For this, a good practice is to hold weekly one-to-one meetings between employers and employees. In addition, having tools to perform performance evaluations is key to helping you develop all your talent.

This can be optimized through human resources software that allows you to conduct surveys. This is very beneficial to collect doubts, opinions and understand the needs of workers. In addition, it allows employees to express themselves and solve any problems quickly and objectively.

“To achieve effective organizational development, it is important to constantly monitor the functioning of the different departments of a company,” explains Woo. “Similarly, it is essential to analyze the job performance of each employee. With a detailed performance evaluation to diagnose their strengths and weaknesses within the work system, this can be achieved. In this way, you will easily gather the skills in which you need to progress and which can be enhanced through a training management program.”

From the information that is received from employees or customers of the organization, the company should be able to make the necessary adjustments to prevent those drawbacks from going further. In other words, once the feedback has been gathered, it is essential to take action to solve the problems so that they do not have a negative impact on the work dynamics and results.

In order to be able to successfully complete the stages, it is essential to have a document information manager. Therefore, human resources software allows to carry out surveys, evaluate labor performance, manage all corporate documents (contracts and payroll) in a secure, confidential, and organized way. This makes it much easier to search for information quickly in the document repository and to make quality decisions based on previous analysis.

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