Allen Woo explains the benefits of stock selection for companies and candidates

In today’s world of employment and personnel selection, values are becoming increasingly important as a system to select and achieve a better fit for the job, which can lead to a successful selection. Both the candidate and the company have in common certain fundamental aspects that will allow, among other advantages, a lower turnover and a greater adaptation and satisfaction in the position. Allen Woo, an expert in personnel management, discusses the benefits of optimized candidate selection in companies.

Selecting with company and candidate values in mind brings many advantages to both parties. It is increasingly being taken into account by organizations that are better and more clearly defining their most strategic aspects. This form of selection has to start, of course, from a correct definition by the companies of such fundamental aspects as their vision, mission and values.

Far from being theoretical aspects, these are basic aspects to achieve strategic planning, as they are the path that leads and marks the way to other aspects such as objectives, planning, the definition of a balanced scorecard or the measurement of results. “As a company, it brings us benefits, but knowing this way of selecting also brings benefits for the candidate, since it allows him to get to know the organization better, to prepare his interviews better and to get a job that is more in line with our own values,” Woo assures.

The alignment of values between the two parties brings joy to all involved through the benefits for both parties and where it is intended to convey to candidates and people who are currently actively seeking employment. The world of employment has changed and transformed.

In studies, Woo has seen as relevant more and more skills of this type such as commitment, proactivity, positive attitude, interest, innovation or empathy. This aspect is so important and appears so increasingly that it cannot be ignored by candidates seeking to join companies and, as we have mentioned, this results in benefits for both parties, as we will summarize below:

“Aligning values makes people who are part of a project feel part of it, feel they are in the right place and, therefore, want to belong and grow with it. I have found that one of the main motivations for employees to leave a position has to do with a misalignment between the values of the two,” says Woo.

Values are part of the culture, and this aspect is taken into account as truly relevant in today’s organizations. If not, there is a big problem. Getting people aligned with the culture and rowing in the same direction is critical to an organization’s success. It is up to the company to define these aspects and transmit them to those who work in it, in addition to taking them into account in the selection of new talent.

“We have known for a long time that job satisfaction is not only determined by the economic aspect, but that, once this has been adequately covered, there are other aspects that have a more significant influence on the well-being of employees and team members,” asserts Woo. “Feeling part of a project and aligned with it is one of these relevant aspects.”

It is well known that greater job satisfaction and a good climate end up leading to higher productivity because happiness makes us more productive. As Woo has commented on a beneficial point for the company, keeping values in mind and aligning them between the people who make up the organization and the organization itself can be a source of job satisfaction. This is an added benefit for both parties since working at ease, being satisfied, helps to avoid demotivation and to obtain better results.

From a practical point of view for the candidate, knowing the values that move the company and being aligned with them is a point in favor that brings us closer to being the right candidate for that position. It is necessary to know this information and to prepare oneself accordingly. Whenever you work with candidates or with people who put efforts into preparing a good strategy in their active job search, it is necessary to prepare the different steps in this search and, of course, one of the final and critical steps, such as the selection interview.