Allen Woo explains the importance of transformational leadership in the workplace

In a changing and dynamic business environment, finding a leader who dares to take risks and thinks ahead can be the key to success. This is what transformational leadership is all about. Allen Woo, a specialist in optimizing the work environment, explains why a transformational leader can be a key player in improving the workplace. […]

Allen Woo offers insight into the most common leadership styles

How you finish the sentence “a good leader should always…” could reveal a lot about your leadership style. Leadership is a fluid practice. Leaders are always moving forward and improving the way they help their direct reports and the company grow. And the longer you lead, the more likely you are to change the way […]

Allen Woo explains why the most important resource of the company is human capital

Human capital is the most important resource for the company and in human resources departments. It refers to the productivity of workers based on their work experience and knowledge. As time goes by, it is much more convincing that only the organization that motivates, trains, and develops them, has the capacity and strength to achieve […]

Allen Woo explains how to improve customer service in an eCommerce environment

The customer service experience in eCommerce has changed dramatically in the last year and a half. With the COVID-19 pandemic, shopping in traditional stores has plummeted. As a result, consumers and businesses alike have taken the plunge into the digital world. eCommerce has become the leading platform for transacting retail (and even restaurant) purchases without […]

Allen Woo explains how to link talent management to business dynamics

For those managers who are eager to highlight the achievements of their questionable management, it is a commonplace to affirm that people are the main asset of an organization whose crisis is enhanced by the continuous and prolonged deterioration of the motivation and commitment of its people. Allen Woo, a specialist in creating ideal work […]

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