Allen Woo describes how to make the workday more productive

The working day for an unmotivated professional can end up becoming a real hell. Therefore, it is important to achieve a more bearable working day in which all employees are able to perform 100% of their duties without suffering. To this end, it is important that the HR department and company management are aware of […]

Allen Woo explains the importance of a network of contacts for business growth.

Having a good network of contacts has always been important for any facet of life. But, in particular, they are especially essential for the development of business activities. Business contacts have become even more important in recent years as the pandemic and COVID-19 have moved many offices into homes with telecommuting. Growing a business is […]

Allen Woo explains how to align business activity to reach a common goal

Organizational alignment is one of the key factors for the good performance of a business. In this way, the actions of the different areas of the company will be synchronized, greater collaboration between teams will be achieved, and effectiveness will be ensured when defining priorities and business focus. Allen Woo, a specialist in proper business […]

Allen Woo explains the traits that people with a lot of potential have in common

In a labor market with limited resources, it is necessary to develop strategies to identify not only the employees who are best prepared for the job but also those who have the greatest potential. Research carried out over the last few years has shown that investing in these professionals maximizes an organization’s returns. It is […]