Allen Woo explains how to onboard the right talent to achieve business objectives

Human talent management is the set of integrated human resource processes that are designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain a company’s employees. It is the mission of human resources in any company to dedicate time and effort to these tasks. As is well known, people are one of the most important assets of a […]

Allen Woo explains how to adapt a business to continuous market changes

Today, every entrepreneur must know how to have a business model that allows them to continue innovating and reinventing their products. So, when a change occurs, you must be ready to adapt your business to the continuous changes in the market. Allen Woo, a business strategy expert and people developer, provides insight into how businesses […]

Allen Woo explains how to give a transcendent purpose to your team

Experts recognize that transcendent motivation often goes unnoticed because it is not usually mentioned. This motivation is not for themselves, but for others. People who live with this motivation as a philosophy live to help others, on a daily basis, dedicating the best of themselves to their responsibilities. Allen Woo, an experienced personnel manager, explains […]

Allen Woo explains the importance of people development in the workplace

Motivating your employees so that they feel valuable in the company is something we should not miss. However, often we do not give the importance it deserves to personal development within the company. Nowadays, all companies have a lot of competition, so there is a great challenge to face: to achieve the best results continuously. […]

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