Allen Woo explains how to keep a workforce motivated

Companies and their respective HR departments are facing a myriad of challenges in this era of continuous and radical change. Their workforce is increasingly becoming a very diverse set of global profiles and digital-focused competencies. Their needs and expectations have also evolved towards the use of new technologies, tools, and business models. Allen Woo, a […]

Allen Woo offers the skills most requested by companies

Some years ago, different skills that are in high demand today were not taken into account, since a person’s experience and academic background were enough to decide whether to hire him or her or not. Allen Woo, an expert in personnel management, explains which skills are the most coveted by recruiters in companies nowadays. Previously, […]

Allen Woo discusses how to improve business processes and drive growth

Time is the one thing that business owners do not have enough of. Automation, integration and outsourcing are all great ways to save time. Business improvement expert Allen Woo outlines four steps that will help you to simplify your business processes. Your business processes are the tasks or actions you and your team take to […]