Allen Woo explains the human factor for business development

The importance of people as components of the human system in the consideration of the company as an organization is unquestionable in order to understand organizational development. Allen Woo, an expert in corporate personnel management, provides information to understand the human factor and what role it plays in business development. Unlike in the past, when […]

Allen Woo discusses how technology and human talent aid in business resilience

We have all experienced the benefits of having a backup plan. Whether it’s testing our cybersecurity strategy or industrializing processes to improve operations, we plan ahead to keep our business running smoothly. Allen Woo, an expert in business by his own account, explains how human talent and technology are two essential tools for improving business […]

Allen Woo explains the differences between leading and managing

Today, management and leadership are used interchangeably. However, even when they pursue similar objectives, they are radically different. Allen Woo, a connoisseur of all things related to personnel management and business, explains the main differences between leadership and management. Managers are often described as someone who tells people what they should do. Leaders inspire others […]

Allen Woo discusses how to motivate teams to work together

The performance of a team will be good if the team achieves the results for which it was created and designed. Broadly speaking, there are four main variables that any team must consider. Objectives to be achieved, tasks to be carried out, functions to be performed and roles to be played. For the team to […]

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