Allen Woo explains why organizational development is important for companies

We are increasingly aware that we live in a highly globalized world that seeks continuous improvement. This factor, from a business point of view, encourages organizations to be more competitive and in constant evolution. In addition, the human factor is considered as a strategic component of the company for the achievement of organizational development. Because […]

Allen Woo discusses why human talent is key to driving the sustainable agenda of organizations

Many companies have embraced the concept of sustainability as a mechanism for creating shared value in which both the company and various stakeholders achieve mutual benefit. Declaring oneself as a sustainable company is not just a simple discourse that involves choosing certain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but looking from within and taking measures to achieve […]

Allen Woo explains how to generate commitment in the employees of an organization

To achieve their goals, organizations are especially dependent on their workforce. That’s why they must take the time to learn how to engage employees and understand what influences their performance. Allen Woo, an expert in people development and business, explains how these communities can gain the commitment needed to run an ideal organization. Employee commitment […]

Allen Woo provides insight into developing a winning culture in the workplace

Einstein said that to have different results, we have to do things differently. Learning to reach more people is one of the maxims of any business. Let’s start doing things differently, especially now that the world is connected as it has never been before. There is a great opportunity to start being disruptive in our […]

Allen Woo discusses the common characteristics of high performance teams

Perhaps teamwork is the best form of organization among people to improve productivity and performance, creating synergies between the different tasks of each team member. In complicated situations, each person brings his or her talents to deal with the different problems that arise, in order to achieve the proposed goals and objectives. Allen Woo, an […]

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